Comprehensive class

Gradually adjust the comprehensive teaching content, learn the basic skills of wushu, boxing, equipment, free fighting, master the training content of each professional team.


freestyle grappling

Sanda is based on kicking, beating and throwing, and chooses the best methods of various routines. It is more practical than routine, a kind of actual combat under certain rules, and a technology of self-defense. Sanda is also listed as an Olympic event. It can better reflect the essence of actual combat in Wushu.


Integrated combat

Mixed martial arts, or MMA for short, is a fight sport that allows the use of a variety of martial arts. He can use boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Thai boxing and other techniques, so he is known as the "decathlon" in the fight sport.



Judo belongs to the national important competition project, is the Asian and Olympic Games competition project, is the unarmed competition. Learn the international rules, master the system, the smooth fall, back landing, control 25 seconds to win the game, the advantage to win.



Boxing is based on boxing, attacking the other side of the chest, abdomen, head based combat against the project. In 1993, the National Boxing Management Center was established by the State Sports Commission of China. It is a famous modern boxing sport, and it is a competition event in the Olympic Games, Asian Games and National Games.


Hard qigong

The fist is visible, the work is on the bones and muscles, the qi is invisible meditation, reaches the body and limbs, the blood comes from the heart, and passes through the whole body, the qi walks through the membrane, the muscles and veins, the blood bleeds flesh and bones, the qi sheng dantian stands, the movement of the qi of dantian and earth, the use of all parts of the body, is an indispensable knowledge in wushu.


Muay Thai

Muay Thai is practical technology, modern combat in domestic development faster, in boxing, elbow, knee, foot three-dimensional attack is given priority to, combine tapping, tapping its the other side of the lower plate, which can greatly sharpen damage, low difficulty, highly efficient, compact and reliable, practical, and everyone is repairable, easy-to-learn, one with the spirit, has just set up the national team.


Tai chi chuan

Taijiquan is a national fitness program that is suitable for men and women, old and young, regardless of age, to ward off disease and prolong life, and to protect oneself and keep fit. Taijiquan has pushing hands, instruments and techniques. Can far fist, near elbow, close to the body. It is a whole-body dynamic movement, a retraction and a release, all from the middle of the hair, the strength of the rigid and soft combination of winding silk, qi sink Dantian, sink shoulder fall elbow, with chest collapse, loose hip bend knee, waist as the dominant. Intellect, breath, spirit, form and height merge into one. Our school mainly focuses on Chen's Tai Chi and optional rules. Taijiquan has been included in the Asian Games and Olympic Games.


Tae kwon do

Taekwondo is to attack the opponent's chest, abdomen, head - based attack target. It is an Olympic project with appreciation, competition and stimulation than the school. China's colleges and universities to carry out very common, has a wide range of practical.



It is an important part of wushu practice to develop traditional shaolinquan, weapons, state-prescribed routines and self-selected routines, and to improve the human body's comprehensive conditions such as sensitivity, coordination, flexibility, strength and speed, and fighting skills through learning routines. Routine is listed as the Asian Games, Olympic Games competition items.



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