Students' future

My school since the school has fully implement the Party's education policy, and insist on teaching and educating, improve students' quality efforts to promote the overall development of students, in order to better enable students to adapt to the competitive society, we start from a little bit from the day-to-daythe little things, and laid a good basis for employment for students.

As the saying goes: "Technology is more than body," our students master the knowledge of cultural studies, at the same time, but also master the martial arts this profound skill to create more opportunities for their own place in society.

Trees, takes a hundred years, our school from the school has up to now can be described as "students everywhere." Students many avenues of employment, training for a good foundation and good physical condition, willing to pay, hardworking, and successful students, the school actively recommended to participate in a variety of large game, and repeatedly made in the provinces, municipalities, national and world Series team title and individual titles. To this end, the provincial, city, state to give proper arrangements, some of the national team; taught in various institutions; special permission to my school with a college undergraduate degree. Students want to study in school walked into the major body of the hospital study, walks institutions throughout the country, the main body hospital of Beijing, Wuhan Institute of Xi'an, the Sports Institute, the Sports Institute, Shenyang Institute, Tianjin and the Sports Institute, Chengdu, the Sports Institute, Shandong Sports University, Fujian University of Physical Education and the Armed Police Force.

For most students after graduation would like to find a satisfactory job, not to worry parents, the school actively recommend students to the major enterprises, the major security, armed police system, for them to remove the worries. School since the school has been a steady stream to the community to provide a large number of staff, students with a good physique, the dedicated work of the spirit of praise and recognition of the social.

Civil and military school students, both ability and integrity, there is a wide range of employment opportunities, the school is willing to train more socially useful talents, and to make greater contributions to the promotion of Chinese martial arts culture.




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