Shi Desong

Shi Desong: Chinese Communist Party, Chinese Wushu 8th degree. He practised kung fu in his childhood. He came to Shaolin Temple to learn Shaolin kung fu. Shi Desong was the last disciple  (the 31st generation) of the former abbot of Shaolin Temple—Master Suxi. With the careful teaching and strict guidance of the master, he practised hard and learned the essence of Shaolin kung fu. He visited South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan for teaching and performance, and made an outstanding contribution to the friendly relationship between China and foreign countries and developing Buddhist doctrine and the Chinese Wushu cause.

With the care and support of the national, provincial and municipal leaders, Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School has made outstanding achievements and won group championship and individual championship in the domestic and foreign contests. The school has been wining the group championship in the contest of three northeast provinces. In 2001, as the representative of Heilongjiang, the school participated in the 9th national games and made outstanding achievements. Our student, Zheng Lun, defeated the domestic free combat champion, Liu Hailong in the free combat competition of the 10th national games in 2005 and defeated the gold belt winner in Thailand—Chalermpol Kietsunantha in China-Thailand Free Combat Contest on July 26th, 2008.  “Women are no inferior to men.” The female students including Yu Haibo won championship in the domestic and foreign contests for many times through training and unremitting efforts and obtained countless honors for the school. Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School assisted the International Wushu Federation, the Chinese Wushu Association and Heilongjiang People’s Government in holding the 4th Free Combat World Cup during September 19th- 21st, 2008, successfully held the domestic and foreign contests including China-Russia, China-Japan, China-Iran, China-America, “Kung Fu King”, etc., created kung fu stars including Huang Lei, and made a huge contribution to the development of Wushu career.


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