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Shaolin kung fu is number one in the world. Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School was founded in 1994 and formerly known as Sun Island Shaolin Wushu School. It is the only largest professional civil and military school under the charge of the disciple of the Shaolin Temple in Three Northeast Provinces. The teachers are excellent graduates of sports colleges and national champions and the literary teachers with many years of teaching experience are employed for full-time teaching and instruction after school. The characteristic teaching methods of “Promote Literature by Wushu”, “Promote Wushu by Literature”, “Both Cultural Courses and Wushu Courses” and “Good at Both Literature and Wushu” are adopted. The students learn Wushu and master cultural knowledge. The school provides broad development space for growth and career of students. Since it was established more than 10 years ago, a lot of excellent talents are sent to colleges, professional teams, military police systems and employing unit and win praise and recognition of friends from all walks of life.

Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School has made outstanding achievements and won group championship and individual championship in the domestic and foreign contests. In 2001, as the representative of Heilongjiang, the school participated in the 9th national games and made outstanding achievements. Our student, Zheng Lun, defeated the domestic free combat champion, Liu Hailong in the free combat competition of the 10th national games in 2005 and defeated the gold belt winner in Thailand—Chalermpol Kietsunantha in China-Thailand Free Combat Contest on July 26th, 2008. “Women are no inferior to men.” The female students including Yu Haibo won championship in the domestic and foreign contests for many times through training and unremitting efforts and obtained countless honors for the school. Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School assisted the International Wushu Federation, the Chinese Wushu Association and Heilongjiang People’s Government in holding the 4th Free Combat World Cup during September 19th-21st, 2008, successfully held the domestic and foreign contests including China-Russia, China-Japan, China-Iran, China-America, “Kung Fu King”, etc., and made a huge contribution to the development of the Chinese Wushu. The school has been awarded the advanced education unit and Class A School for many years. To improve the environment and provide students with more comfortable learning environment, the school made a huge investment in building a new building with an area of 58,000 square meters in the national scenic spot in 2005. There are indoor training rooms, multi-media classrooms, computer rooms, a large dining hall, bathroom, private restrooms, etc. The school also has the recreational places including an entertainment hall, reading rooms, cable television rooms, etc. to enrich the spare-time life of students. The school has become the domestic first-rate modern garden-style civil and military school.

There was China-Russia Master Competition and China-Japan Contest. Now there is “Kung Fu King” Contest. Wushu is closely connected with Shaolin kung fu. With solid strength and firm belief, Shaolin Temple Wushu School will develop continuously. “Develop Quintessence of the Chinese Culture, Show the Power of Our Country”, Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School will cultivate students with both talent and virtue and both literature and military affairs who will become the pillar of the state and kung fu star.

I. Enrolment Target and Condition
Age: Age 6-28, male or female, good health, love kung fu, good character, no misdeed (with the proof of the local public security organ)
II. Courses: Free Combat, Routine, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Taijiquan, Hard Qigong, Comprehensive Course
III. Primary school, middle school, college and associate to bachelor
Admission Time: February 18th-March 1st
    August 18th-Spetember 1st
College: As the national key Wushu school, it is approved by the national education departments to provide college courses to meet the social needs and promote the cultural quality of students.
Wushu Major: Three years
Courses: Marxist philosophy principle, history of Chinese revolution, traditional regimen, computer application, English, sports science research methods, health fitness education, sports generality, sports dancing, Wushu theory, history of Wushu, sports theory, sports training, kickboxing, Taijiquan
Sports Training Major: Three years
Courses: Anthropotomy, applied composition, cultivation of ethic thought, human physiology, history of Chinese revolution, sports psychology, sports medicine, sports training, sports management, sports generality, Marxist philosophy principle, sports science research methods, sports statistics, English, computer application, sports theory, sports biochemistry, education
Associate to Bachelor
Beijing Sport University Sports Training Major
Shenyang Sport University Sports Training Major
Management System
1. School Time: The literary teachers and Wushu coaches take charge of teaching and the schoolmaster and head coach supervise.
2. Life Management: The basic necessities of life are under the charge of the school and special help is provided for little students.
3. Safety Management: The closed-off and semi-military management, students can not be disturbed during the school time and rest time (expect special circumstances), safety inspection everyday



Address: Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School, 6km away from National Highway 102, Harbin, Heilongjiang
Post Code:150089

Route:Take bus 363, 33 at Harbin railway station, and get off at Hongqi stop via Wanggang stop. Take bus 343, 338, get off at Xinjiang Street, then take bus from Pingfang to Hongqi, and get off at Wushu School.
Tel: 86-451-86720188  86720288
86-451-88858666  86669888




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Address: Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School, 6km away from National Highway 102, Harbin, Heilongjiang

Post Code: 150089